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Craig starts yet another new business

On May 3, 2000, I left the company I founded in my basement in 1981, the Beverage Testing Institute Inc., to launch another new business in my basement. I now spend my days writing, photographing, and building websites.

A major part of my time is spent building websites and consulting with a select number of clients about their internet strategies. There's info about that and links to my clients' sites at (that's right, dot-tv).

Another chunk of time is devoted to photography, especially Spinography: 3D virtual reality immersive photography for e-commerce. It combines my photographic skills with my internet skills (I did my Masters in art technology at the Art Institute of Chicago way back in 1975, and I have been publishing online since 1989).

If there is any time left, I try to do some creative writing and photography. My less commercial activities can be found at Please signup for Lens, my free newsletter that combines words and images, eventually to become a book.

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