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Lou and Molly Title

In their third and last meet of the year, Molly and Lou had two perfect 100 point runs and won the blue ribbon on both the standard course and jumpers with weaves course. They have now completed their novice title and move into the Open class.

10 weeks old

Table of Contents

08/10/2002 - Lou and Molly take the first leap to an agility title by earning a qualifying score of 95/100 in their first competiton!

07/20/2002 - The Suburban Life Newspaper writes about Sport and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

06/07/2002 - We welcome Wags to our pack (above), yet another Black Lab Leader Dog trainee.

10/14/2001 - Sport and Liz graduate from Leader Dog school and head to Mexico City.

03/04/2002 - View a movie of Molly and Lou training in agility.

Leader Dogs For The Blind

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