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Our Dry Tortugas Sail in 3/00

In March, Lou and I took our first real vacation in two years. We hooked up with old friends from Ithaca, Ron and Ereign Seacord, and their friends, Ed Dinger and Sally Spear. We chartered a 36 foot catamaran, the Dar Carita, and sailed west for the Dry Tortugas, about 70 miles west of Key West. Lou ran the kitchen (coffee mate), I ran the fishing pole and grill (out of the Gulf and onto the grill was my motto), and the others ran the yacht. The Tortugas are a small grouping of small islands floating in an azure sea. The largest island is topped by Fort Jefferson, built in the mid 1800s. Another island is a bird sanctuary. Another is a breeding ground for sea turtles (tortugas). The coral reefs they have sprung from are spectacular for snorkeling, and we ate fresh fish and lobster every night.

For a beautiful panoramic 360 view of Fort Jefferson, click here.
For two spins around the interior of the boat, click here.

To see larger versions of the pix below, click on the picture.

cannonades charttalk edandsally fishingboat hatclip
leading lighthouse naptime sunrise porpoising
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